Eager to start your recycling?

Before rushing into hiring an entire recycling department, try EcoTree, the first digital platform that manages waste and connects you to recycling providers. We establish a direct contact with all the collectors and we automate the generation of all documents.

How we help you

You manage the exact data about the quantities collected.

You gain time and have accurate data traceability.

Get rid of bureaucracy.

You focus on your business.

Platform facilities

  • Minimizing collection time
  • Large number of collectors
  • 100% digitization of the pick up process
  • You trade all types of waste
  • Manage all work points in one account
  • Collaborate simultaneously with one or more authorized collectors
  • Intuitive and efficient design detailed reporting

What you need to do to be a part of EcoTree community

You have to create an account.

Join in and contribute to a better recycling.

Select the waste you want to recycle.

The platform offers you the possibility to organize, according to very specific filters, the types of waste you want to recycle.

You start recycling in real time.

The platform automatically generates the most efficient collection options for your needs.

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EcoTree creează astăzi infrastructura ce accelerează implicarea dar și aduce la două clickuri distanță profitabilitatea.

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