What is Ecotree?

EcoTree is the platform that helps you manage waste and keep continuous contact with your suppliers. Recycling made simpler and faster.

How does EcoTree work? 

EcoTree is a digital service that brings together waste generators and waste collectors and / or recycling companies.

How can I become a partner?

You choose your role, you create an account and start the recycling process. EcoTree automatically identifies your most suitable collection solution.

What waste can be recycled?

EcoTree platform helps you ALL non-hazardous waste.

How do I know what role I have?

EcoTree addresses the two parts of the waste collection chain, the waste generators on the one hand and the waste collectors on the other hand.

You are a generator if: you are part of the spectrum of companies operating in heavy industry, light industry, retail, Horeca, owners’ associations, hospitals, schools, kindergartens.

You are a collector if: you are authorized and your business focuses on taking over the waste from the categories listed above.

How do I submit a collection request?

Once you have created your account, you access the specified request field, you choose the waste and evaluate your quantity. Next, you upload a picture of your waste if needed or you can skip this step as the platform identifies it automatically. IN the end, you submit your request. In the shortest possible time frame, a collector will collect the waste. 

Collecting requests – what are the most important details?

The most important details that you have to pay attention are: 

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