The first digital platform that simplifies and shortens the waste recycling process for Romanian companies was launched


EcoTree, the first online platform that brings together waste generators and waste collectors in order to increase the recycling rate in Romania and improve this process, is functional. The start-up, developed by four young entrepreneurs, comes with a new concept in the field of recycling: the platform created by them is an aggregator of supply and demand, with a similar approach to ride-sharing companies, hotel reservations or food delivery.

In the EcoTree platform, generators with recycling needs can more easily identify suppliers: collection companies, recyclers, sanitation workers, waste sorting centres, NGOs, in order to identify the most appropriate solution for their company and the waste management needs they have.

Additionally, the platform provides a framework for special tenders, while also digitizing the process of recycling and submitting the necessary legal documentation.

Bogdan Andronache, CEO of EcoTree says that “One of the advantages for companies that want to recycle the waste they produce – paper, cardboard, plastics or any other type of waste – is to reduce bureaucracy through automation. Currently, the bureaucratic process discourages many Romanian companies to resort to recycling solutions, this being perhaps one of the reasons why our country has the lowest recycling rate in the European Union, according to a Eurostat study. We want the EcoTree platform to contribute to the improvement of this rate, as well as the number of companies that recycle, and our estimate is that we will reduce the process of preparing documents by over 80%.

He adds that the rules imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, which limit travel, make the launch of this platform another advantage for companies.

Signing up for the EcoTree platform is free, but as the new customer accesses the features available, they have the option to pay a monthly subscription.

We already have customers – both companies and collectors – who are testing the platform. We expect a high interest from companies in the fields of retail, FMCG, Oil & Gas, automotive, heavy industry and more“, says Bogdan Andronache.

From a technical standpoint, a company must create an account as in any other platform, by entering its data. Then, look for collectors for the types of materials it needs to recycle and add orders that go directly to the collectors registered in the platform. For the next step, the collector can go to the company to pick up the order. The condition is that this order complies with a certain minimum quantity: for example, 50 kg of cardboard or 50 kg of plastic.

For the moment, the EcoTree platform is addressed exclusively to waste generating companies, but the development plan envisages finding solutions so that the services are also available for individuals who want to recycle the waste they produce in their homes.



EcoTree is a technology and innovation company that provides users with a software platform that allows them to streamline operations in the recycling industry.

The company was founded in 2017 by four young entrepreneurs – Bogdan Andronache, Alexandru Petrescu, Dan Simota and Marius Cîrstea – with the mission to digitize the specific processes of waste collection and recycling, thus positioning itself as an agent of the circular economy.

The start-up has evolved systematically, confirming each stage of evolution by validation in several competitions, such as: ReuseHub (3rd place), Future Makers, Startarium (finalists).

Along with the first investors, Sparking Capital and Seedblink, EcoTree followed the obvious path of launching and improving the company through sustainable development.

Recycle today for a better tomorrow. 


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